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My background is corporate, meaning, I spent ten years being held accountable to get things done.

The events of 2020 woke me up to the need for civic engagement. We have to take our home back from big corporate interests and graft. It starts with you and I reclaiming our home by getting involved.

I'm here to serve, but I also retain my old corporate attitude: I expect to get things done. La Center is growing, and as a new homeowner who moved here during the shutdown, I understand just how high the stakes are.

Let's shape La Center's future together.



La Center is beautiful, and it's growing. That growth calls for vision to ensure La Center remains pleasant and navigable.

Family Friendly

Our schools and city policies should reflect parents' rights and the needs of the families who live here.


Water that doesn't taste like a pool. Websites that work. Let's make La Center work.


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An escapee of Seattle and Portland, I chose Southwest Washington as my home because of its culture of freedom. I've learned firsthand the importance of defending American values: the Constitution, capitalism, and family-first communities.

As a candidate, I offer ten years experience in the private sector, where I managed and created digital and print marketing materials for fast-paced, high-traffic companies including Holland America Line, Valve and Amazon.

I'm not one for sitting around. I like to solve problems.

Here in La Center, we are growing fast and buffeted by the same issues as the rest of the state: closed businesses, inaccessible public servants and schools that seem reluctant to hear the concerns of parents.

I'm running to defend your rights as a taxpayer, parent and business owner. Together, we can ensure La Center remains a wonderful home for generations to come.